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After a hard day of work at the office, people just want to come home and lay down on their beds only to realize the mattress is broken down and rather than giving the relief, it gives them more pain. Therefore, anyone who wants to buy a good mattress or anything foam-related, visit

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Why Sleepy Foams Website?

Sleepy Foam provides the best reviews for its readers. Many people get cheated on when it comes to buying a mattress, usually commercials lie to the viewers in order for them to buy their product. Looking at this situation, the creators of Sleepy Foams vowed to bring a service that will help such people in getting a mattress, pillow, bed or anything foam-related, by giving them an honest review. The website gives the pros and cons of each product, regardless of writing a promotional review.

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The following steps are performed in order to test the product:

  • Edge Support
  • Smell
  • Durability
  • Breath ability and Heat Retention
  • Bounce and Motion Transfer
  • Firmness

Edge Support:

The mattress’s edge support is tested by simply sitting on the edge of the mattress.


The off-gassing period is tested by sniffing the mattress. Then a report is made on how long it took for the smell to go away. Usually, some mattresses have no smell at all.


The durability of a mattress is tested by inspecting the following:

  • Seams
  • Zippers
  • Fabrics
  • Quality of Materials
  • Each Layer of the Mattress

Breath ability and Heat Retention:

A thermal imaging camera is used. After laying on a mattress, the camera rolls in a 64 °F room to capture how much times does it take for the mattress to return to the room temperature. The average time is around 10 mins.

Bounce and Motion Transfer:

A person repeatedly stands and sits on the mattress to check it’s bounce and even a ball is dropped repeatedly to check the bounce and motion transfer.


Firmness is tested by applying a pressure of more than 100 pounds in the middle of the mattress.

Sleepy Foams writes reviews on the following:

By visiting the site, you can see they write reviews on the following:

  • Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Beds
  • Toppers
  • Kids-related foam products
  • Snoring-related products

Therefore, before buying a foam, visit, read the best reviews on mattresses or anyother foam-related products.